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Celebrate National Vodka Day with Russian Standard Vodka

If you have traditionally found a neat vodka shot a little tough to handle, Russian Standard is the perfect stepping stone. It is produced to the highest standard with advanced distillation techniques, providing the perfect balance and rounded mouth-feel, and eliminating the sharp burn that lesser-quality vodka is known for. Enjoy it the Russian way, savouring the vodka by sipping on it and swirling it on your tongue before swallowing.

If this still seems a little intimidating, sweeten up National Vodka Day with The Berry End — a shot of Russian Standard Vodka sweetened by natural berries. This drink contains 50ml of Russian Standard vodka and your choice of fresh berries muddled in a shot glass, topped with vodka, and stirred gently before serving.

Russian Standard Vodka is the real vodka experience, inspired by the Russian passion of bringing people together for moments that are authentic and genuine. On October 4th, raise a glass of Russian Standard Vodka and toast to National Vodka Day.


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