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Caprice Bar, Mykonos


Located in the beautiful district of Little Venice, Caprice Bar has been shaped with respect to the traditional architecture and sights that surround it. The bar is known as an ideal place to witness the dramatic Mykonian sunset. Accompanied by the unique sounds of the Caprice playlist and the delicious tastes of the large selection of cocktails, guests can enjoy the paradoxical atmosphere that combines energy with the rural, until the early hours of the morning.

For over 30 years Caprice Bar has been a favourite amongst its clients that span the globe. A traditional venue with an international reputation.

Caprice Bar

  • Caprice Bar
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The white interior that is adorned with flowers, candles and blue detailing, creates a fresh atmosphere that allows the bar to host guests from dusk to dawn. The intricate details that embellish Caprice Bar show a real commitment to the traditional Greek aesthetic that the island is famous for.

Caprice Bar is the perfect venue to celebrate special occasions. Those who choose to visit the venue can enjoy a more classical Greek experience combined with the modern night culture that lights up the island.

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