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Café Pushkin, Moscow


Café Pushkin is one of the most historic venues in Moscow. Situated in a beautiful antique estate, the restaurant boasts exquisite delicacies, a regal atmosphere, and impeccable service, which provides for a truly luxurious dining experience.

The restaurant includes six differently elegant rooms in which guests can dine. The interesting Hall Pharmacy in which guests can marvel at the historic artifacts that flourish the room; the Hall Library that holds more than seven thousand beautifully kept books; and the Fireplace Room, which is so intricately decorated it rivals a palace, are just three of the stunning rooms in which guests can indulge in the delicious cuisine, created by the legendary chef Guy Martin.

Café Pushkin

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Café Pushkin is surrounded by a regal atmosphere that perfectly compliments its majestic features. With a rich menu that fuses contemporary culinary techniques with the most quality ingredients, Café Pushkin promises to amaze any guest that decides to visit.

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