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C5100 Luxury Lift Oven – A unique concept for your kitchen

If you’re a bit of a gadget fanatic, then the luxurious C5100 lift oven might just be a welcome addition to your designer kitchen. Designed to not only look good but also incorporating the latest technology, the oven will make a striking statement in any home.

Designed by Caple, one of the leading manufacturers in high-end kitchen appliances, the oven is sleek and stylish and is perfect for those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Not only is the oven chic, it also incorporates the latest in energy efficiency and keeps your food delicious. Carefully concealed within your kitchen countertop, the oven can be raised with just the touch of a button and lowered to cook your food.

Environmentally friendly and safe to use, the oven has a residual heat indicator as well as thirteen touch controls to accommodate all your cooking needs. A flawless and innovative way of finishing off any kitchen, the C5100 lift oven really makes a stunning statement when it comes to luxury living.


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