Our Business Principles

GC Privé's success is built on our five business principles as described below.

1. Client-Centric Mentality

We are taking extraordinary care of our clients by ensuring that our services are of superior quality. In our opinion, the strength of our many long-term client relationships is a testament to our dedicated client-centric mentality.

2. Strong Team Culture

We believe that team spirit is the catalyst agent to performance. Our people are motivated by a commitment to excellence and integrity in their activities. We are hardworking, constantly concentrating on solving unique problems and executing advanced projects. We strive to maintain and enhance our team members, while we pride ourselves on making a tremendous effort in recruiting the most elite professionals.

3. Authentic Leadership

We believe that our leadership is authentic. We are thrilled with the prospects of shaking temperaments by advancing innovative ideas and marking a real difference in well-reserving the delicate status nature of the luxury goods market and facilitating its exclusivity in a differentiated manner.

4. Innovation and Creative Intelligence

We believe that imaginative creativity is the highest form of intelligence. GC Privé's style of business is based on intuition and innovation, creating unique solutions tailored to the bespoke and exquisite lifestyle of our prestigious clientele, respecting their idiosyncrasies, while enhancing the opportunities for our luxury partners and optimizing the appeal of their status.

5. Good Corporate Citizenship

GC Privé is committed to good corporate citizenship which is founded on superior ethical practices, genuine altruism, fairness, mutual trust and our strict manners. Furthermore, our charitable activities are part of this pledge. To request our Annual Charitable Giving Report, please contact our Investor Relations Team.