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Burning Your stogie at both ends? Sample The Planet’s finest Cigars.

Traditionalist smokers enjoy their cigars served up alongside a pair of well-loved silk slippers and smoking jacket, with an accompanying glass of Brandy otherwise regarded as the Gentleman’s after dinner tipple.

The opposing party of tobacco enthusiasts opts for an updated approach, choosing instead to make a social occasion of it by sharing their celebratory smoke and alighting upon the nearest balcony in order to peer out into the evenings horizon as they do so.

Regardless of which method appeals to you most, one thing should remain a constant. An acute eye for the distinguishing features that set an exquisite Cuban apart from the commonplace stogie.

Most notable in its refined variations of hue and incense, lies the ‘Louixs’ branded cigar collection. Although modest in its physical stature, by measuring in at just inches with a humble ring gauge of only sixty- this elite and established Cuban takes its name from a majestic context and latin translation, to be fit for a king.

Native Cuban torcedores (rollers) are assigned the task of handleafing each cigar individually, and the enviable role of tasting every batch is left to the catadores at Louixs Headquarters. With one solitary Louixs cigar fetching the asking price of $50, the consumer is left in no doubt that their tobacconist needs are being catered for in the form of quality over quantity. The exclusive Beverly Hills Cigar Club fly the Louixs colours from their extravagant mast too, and there really is no arguing with that entourage.

Away from The Cuban Coast is an entirely contrasting cigar manufacturer’s, who call upon their Indian heritage to deliver a unique, pungent aroma beside a unique smoking experience.

The Ghurka label have lately unveiled their latest collection, in ‘Her Majesty’s Reserve’ which juxtaposes a twelve-year old Dominican binder and filler with an entire bottle of the Worlds finest cognac. The liquor alone flaunts a £2,000 cost, and Her Majesty’s Reserve will be produced by a limited edition bases in 2012 meaning that stocks will be kept to just 70 boxes this annum.

Carlito Fuente’s ‘Don Arturo Gran AniverXario’ is the finalised product which was eight years in the making. The Hispanic label saw its centenary year as the fitting occasion to reveal its tribute to the company’s founder in the shape of Edicion Anniversario. The cigars are themselves crafted with the wrapper leaves from Chateau de la Fuente; the birthplace of a dream.

Each box being inscribed with its individual serial code and certificate of authenticity, paired with the fact that you owe a sum of $7,500 to the pleasure of lighting up a Fuente- displays you as the illustrious identity within your chosen haunt.

While Cuba’s pre-embargo produce cements its prominence in the cigar sectors, U.S citizens are tantalised with a ‘forbidden fruit’ effect with regards to the lack of accessibility for one of the nations most desirable assets. This makes the pre-1960’s fermented tobacco rolls a heavily sought after object, one that is synonymous with characters of significant and affluent social standing- The Cigar carries connotations of power, respectability, great wealth and the rarest collections are every red-blooded males flight of fancy.

The aforementioned cigar collections place its owners at the pinnacle of importance within their corporate and social circles, and the opportunity to sample these delicacies should surely be relished by any persons privileged enough.


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