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Brian McKenna, Beijing


Master Chef Brian Mckenna’s new culinary project at The Courtyard seeks to harness the simplicity of high quality seasonal produce with the experience of sharing food. A fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines reflects McKenna’s modern and innovative outlook on cooking.

Critical acclaim is worldwide, with Travel and Leisure claiming that “The juxtaposition of modern-day China and antiquity is one of the restaurant’s pleasures; another is the culinary fusion. His signature dessert, Terracotta Warrior is a primary example, utilising Chinese history to reinvent classic chocolate recipes.

Brian McKenna

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McKenna has developed his unique tasting menu, giving customers the opportunity to sample flavours from his extensive gastronomic repertoire. The chef has also selected wines specifically for each dish to ensure all potential flavours are reached.

One of McKenna’s intriguing concoctions is named Aroma of the woods, an Oak tree ice cream. Contemporary cocktails and local Chinese favourites are both offered at Brian McKenna, utilising champagne and Chinese teas to further reflect the master chef’s philosophy of fusion.

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