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Breeze, Limassol


A place to visit, be seen, and witness the gorgeous sea views, Breeze is one of Limassol’s most vibrant nights out. Combining the surrounding natural beauty with sleek white sofas, and the large open dance floor, Breeze makes for an inviting haven for tourists and Cyprus’ elite.

Depending on the time of year, guests are invited to take on the heat of the night, under the stars, at Breeze Summer events, or revel in the luxurious VIP Room during the winter months. Either way, Breeze club offers an unparalleled experience.


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Presented with awards for its originality and design, it is clear that Breeze club strives to lead the way for nightlife in Limassol. Breeze promises a truly memorable experience for all discerning guests that decide to visit. In summer, streams of white draping decorate the club creating a light elegant atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the sounds of the resident DJs, who play popular commercial music loved by all. The paradoxical atmosphere that combines the relaxed nature of the island, with the vibrancy of the nightlife is wholeheartedly felt throughout.

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