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Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Rare Style of Motoring


Owning a Continental Flying Spur is about much more than just joining the Bentley family. Continental Flying Spur owners have made a choice – a select choice – to enjoy a style of motoring that is a rarely offered today. It’s a choice that opens the doors to a world of exclusivity and personalisation that is unique in motoring. In a Continental Flying Spur you will experience things that have become lost to other carmakers: a world of unparalleled craftsmanship and refinement; a world of ever increasing choice and comfort as you create a powerful Grand Tourer with a ‘limousine’ feel.

To start with you will benefit from a level of choice and specification that is simply unheard of; from exquisite mirror-matched wood veneers that encircle the car’s cabin through to magnificent leather hides and signature brightware that adorn the interior and exterior of every Continental Flying Spur we create. And perhaps, more than anything, you will come to understand that uniquely ‘Bentley’ phenomenon, which is simply the knowledge that you own a car that asks you to make no compromises and presents a beguiling proposition in return: to undertake an unforgettable journey in a sumptuous and spacious four-door Grand Tourer with the heart and soul of high-performance coupé.

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Summary Specifications:
Manufacturer: Bentley
Model: Continental Flying Spur
Category: Limousine
Engine Type: W12
Engine Capacity: 6.0 L
Engine Max Power: 552 HP
Engine Max Torque: 479 LB-FT
Transmission: 6-speed


Engine Capacity: 5998cc
Max. Power: 552bhp / 560 PS / 412kW @ 6100rpm
Max.Torque: 650Nm, 479 lb-ft @ 1600rpm-6100rpm
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Emission Level: EU4 / LEV2
Fuel: 98 (95) RON

Driveline and Transmission:

Continuous all-wheel drive . 6-speed automatic transmission


Max. Speed: 194mph / 312km/h
Acceleration 0 – 60mph: 4.9 seconds
Acceleration 0 – 100km/h: 5.2 seconds

Fuel Consumption:

Urban: 10.8mpg, 26.2 litres/100km
Extra-Urban: 24.1mpg, 11.7 litres/100km
Combined: 16.6mpg, 17.0 litres/100km
CO2 emissions (combined): 396g/km
City Driving: 10 USmpg
Highway Driving: 17 USmpg

Weights and Volumes:

Kerb Weight: 2525kg
Gross Vehicle Weight: 2940kg
Front Axle Weight: 1545kg
Rear Axle Weight: 1395kg
Boot Volume: 475L 0.47m3 (16.7cu-ft)
Fuel tank capacity: 90L 19.8 Gallons / 23.8 US Gallons


Overall Length 5290mm 208.27in
Width across mirrors 2194mm 86.4in
Width with Mirrors Folded 1976mm 77.80in
Overall Height 1398mm 55.0in
Wheel Base 3065mm 121in
Track Front / Rear 1623 / 1607mm 63.90 / 63.27in

1. Performance power rating is based on 98 RON fuel
2. Fuel consumption is based on the EU Drive Cycle / EPA Drive Cycle
Source: Bentley Motors.

Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors was founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919 when the first Bentley engine burst into life at New Street Mews, London. From these modest beginnings, W.O’s company went from strength to strength through the 1920s, with an evolving series of acclaimed motor cars and a parade of racing triumphs to prove their outstanding performance. These laurels were capped with five outright victories at Le Mans between 1924 – 1930 and a sixth in 2003.

If we had mission statements in those days, it could not have been expressed more eloquently than in the words of W.O. himself, “To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class”. These words are just as relevant today as they continue to inform our beliefs, actions and ambitions for the future. Located in Crewe, England since 1946 and owned since 1998 by Volkswagen AG, Bentley Motors is dedicated to making responsive and powerful Grand Tourers with the stamina to cross continents at pace, and drive in refined comfort and style.



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