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Bell 412, Private Helicopter – Reliability and Comfort

Bell 412

Sometimes it’s all about survival skills, the ability to keep going, even when the going gets really tough. And that’s what the Bell 412 is all about. It’s designed to perform, no matter what the conditions. So if your business sometimes requires you to travel in extreme conditions, you can look to the Bell 412 to always get you there, and back.

The Bell 412 reliably performs in the most extreme climates on the planet every day. Its expansive cabin can be configured to accommodate either cargo or personnel. Its wide opening 7.7 ft. doors accommodate forklift loading into a 220 ft³ cabin. It seats 13 passengers and 2 crew in a cabin adaptable for any corporate transportation.

The 412 is certified for single pilot IFR with a dual digital automatic flight control system allowing for automatic approach to hover and automatic hover capabilities. In addition to offering outstanding product features, the 412 is backed by Bell’s renowned in-service support, voted #1 by our customers for seventeen years running. If your mission calls for you to go to locations with extreme conditions, the helicopter you should go in is the Bell 412.

Bell Aircraft Corporation

Founded in 1935 as Bell Aircraft Corporation, Bell continues to set the pace for the industry and expand the scope of vertical lift. Now an industry leader with unmatched name recognition, Bell Helicopter was the first to obtain certification for a commercial helicopter. Over its rich history, Bell has delivered more than 35,000 aircraft to our customers around the world.

With forward thinking in advanced concepts, Bell Helicopter invented tilt rotor aircraft. These unique aircraft lift like a helicopter, then fly like an airplane with twice the speed, three times the payload and five times the range of traditional helicopters. Aerospace and aircraft will never be the same.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Bell Helicopter has additional plants in Amarillo, Texas and Mirabel, Canada. We maintain key logistics supply and service centers in Europe, Canada, and Singapore as well as in the United States. As the world’s premier provider of vertical lift aircraft, Bell Helicopter continues to provide every customer with products, service and support second to none.

  • Manufacturer: Bell
  • Model: Bell 412
  • Type: Private Helicopter
  • Cruising Speed: 226 km/h
  • Range VLRC: 663 km
  • Maximum Endurance: 3.6 hours
  • Standard Seating: 1 + 14
  • Cabin Volume: 6.2 sq. m
  • Baggage Compartment Volume: 0.8 sq. m
  • Standard Internal Gross Weight: 5,398 kg
  • Useful load, standard: 2,239 kg
  • Maximum ext load (cargo hook limit): 2,041 kg

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