Our Offering

Convergence, regulatory compliance, globalization, cross-border banking and rapidly changing end-user demographic needs are driving profound change across the investment management industry.We refer you to our network of private bankers, who are available round the clock to discuss your requirements in confidence

They provide you with impartial advice in setting up and managing your onshore and offshore bank accounts. Our eclectic mix of private bankers are able to offer mortgage and lending solutions (subject to certain regulatory requirements and based on your risk-return profile) in financing the purchase of your luxury assets.

Our Solutions

We assist with opening bank accounts in various jurisdictions worldwide. Our strong business relationship with a global network of banking partners helps us ensure that we provide our services in fast and efficient manner.

Depending on your requirements, we can assist you with opening a personal, corporate or investment bank account. Our professional team will provide you with a choice of the most reliable banks and walk you through the requirements in connection with the opening of a bank account. We will also support you during the entire process to ensure that your interaction with the bank is smooth, whereas the fee structure is transparent and to your benefit.

Our network of private banks offer access to a wide range of treasury products. Treasury services comprise foreign exchange (spot and forward); vanilla and exotic foreign exchange options; interest rate derivatives and yield enhancement strategies (also known as dual currency deposits) which can provide higher yield potential compared to conventional money market instruments.

Our network of private banks also provide structured deposits with returns linked to currencies, interest rates or equity indices including bespoke products for clients with specific needs. These banking facilities can be provided either onshore or offshore depending on your requirements and tax considerations, in all major currencies.

The relationships that we have built with international private banks have enabled us to become the intermediary of choice when financing and refinancing such assets. Our consultants combine in-depth market knowledge and long term business relationships with leading UK and international financial institutions to secure the most effective solutions for our clients’ requirements.

Not only do our funding consultants have the financial expertise to understand your financial priorities, they are also passionate about the assets they help you to acquire. And whether you have got your heart set on a new yacht, a private jet or a classic automobile, they know each market inside out. Either way, we can guide you step by step towards achieving your ambitions.

Our consultants also understand that acquiring prestige assets can take time. Whatever your circumstances and needs, we know how best to structure your finances at every stage of the buying process. Among other benefits, asset finance can help you achieve your dreams without compromising your lifestyle or your cashflow. What’s more, asset finance can also help to minimise your exposure to risk by using the asset we help you acquire as security for your funding facility. This allows you to optimise your asset portfolio without having to use it as security.

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