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Bang & Olufsen’s BeoVision 12 65-Inch 3D Plasma TV

Luxury electronics brand Bang & Olufsen’s most extravagant (and expensive!) television to date is now showing in Bang & Olufsen showrooms across the US, Canada and Mexico.

The BeoVision 12, which was presented at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in January, boasts new adaptation features which B&O say ‘establishes a new plateau in the delivery of a true-to-life viewing experience’. David Lewis Designers were hired to design then new 65 inch, 3D capable, plasma TV.

Features include automatic picture control and colour management, a frame which measures just a few millimetres thick and a special light sensor which detects the brightness of the room and automatically adjusts the picture in a way which is similar to how our eyes would react to brightness changes.

Another unique feature of the BeoVision 12 is the integrated centre channel speaker which creates the illusion of sound coming right from the centre of the television. The luxury TV is currently only available in the US, Canada and Mexico but will soon be available worldwide, along with a hefty price tag of £7,200.


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