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Known for pink sand and palm trees, the Bahamas encompass some of the most majestic tropical islands you will ever lay eyes upon. The relaxed atmosphere on these pristine islands is infectious and guarantees the perfect beach getaway.

Today the Bahamas is known for its majestic sandy beaches that are almost unbelievably picturesque as well as its energetic local culture and luxurious private villas and hotel resorts.

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Integral to the Americas and Britain & Absorbing Cultural Pursuits

Integral to the history of the Americas and Britain, the Bahamas have seen some of history’s most recognizable names reside on its stunning shores. The Bahamas, derived from the Spanish ‘Baja Mar’ meaning ‘shallow water’, were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 on his famed quest to find the New World. The first permanent European settlement was on the island of Eleuthera and these settlers soon spread to other Bahamian islands. Over 300 years old, Dunmore Town of Harbour Island was the first capital of the Bahamas. An odd and marvelous collision of New England cozy and colorful Caribbean, the mélange of colours, scents and people is intoxicating. Part 18th century fishing village and part Hollywood movie set, there is a distinct divinity about this little piece of paradise.

The Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, became Governor of the Bahamas in 1940. It was from this time on that the Bahamas became recognised as the lush tropical paradise that it is and attracted well to do people from all over the world to build second homes on some of the 700 islands that form the country of the Bahamas. Today the Bahamas is known for its majestic sandy beaches that are almost unbelievably picturesque as well as its energetic local culture and luxurious private villas and hotel resorts.

Although the majority of elite travelers in the Bahamas go to escape the world and enjoy Bahamian cocktails on the beach there are some absorbing cultural pursuits to engage in. Saint Augustine’s Monastery was founded in the mid 20th century and is still a functioning monastery today. Nestled on a rocky perch on Bernard Road this beautiful yet simplistic building is home to religious servants who offer guided tours of the grounds from which they grow their own food and raise livestock.

The Bahamas have some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean region so enthusiasts are encouraged to take a trip to discover the aquatic treasures that await them. One of the most remarkable underwater features of the Bahamas is the Bimini Road. It has been hotly debated for decades whether these enormous rectangular blocks were somehow put there by man due to their regular formation and the almost perfectly shaped rectangularity of the limestone blocks. It has never been concretely agreed upon whether man somehow influenced them but they are still gazed upon in wonderment by all who visit.

Approximately 3.5 miles long and only 1.5 miles wide, Harbour Island is located just off the tip of Eleuthera. This tiny world famous and world class island is a magnet for the rich and famous. Known simply as Briland to its residents, Harbour Island, is often called the Nantucket of the Caribbean. The colorfully painted New England-style architecture on the island beautifully compliments the lush palms trees, flower-lined streets and pink sandy beaches.

Ultimate in Relaxation

Bahamian nightlife, like the local culture, is laid back and designed to provide the ultimate in relaxation for those involved. Designed for you to enjoy a Bahamian sunset or nightcap, Sea Glass, the lounge at the heart of The Cove Atlantis main lobby, is literally perched above Paradise Beach. The space is a natural place to gather and sip a Covetini — a refreshing mix of raspberry rum, mango jasmine puree, raspberries with a hint of lime — and nosh from a decadent mix of lighter fare.

Long History of Culinary Excellence

The Bahamas has a long history of culinary excellence with a recent influx of world-class restaurants only continuing this illustrious tradition. Chef Jean-Georges has lovingly recreated the luxury and legendary ambiance of Café Martinique, made famous by its appearance in the 1965 James Bond classic Thunderball. The re-imagined restaurant surrounds diners with old-world elegance and iconic style, including a wrought-iron birdcage elevator, a dramatic mahogany staircase, and elegantly etched glass windows. The delectable menu offers the classic French gourmet fare for which Chef Jean-Georges is known.

The historic Courtyard Terrace is considered one of the most elegant settings on Paradise Island, with a sparkling fountain, candle-lit reflecting pool and overhanging palms creating an elegant garden setting. Here you are welcome to dine under the stars on Mediterranean-influenced contemporary cuisine served on select evenings. The incomparable menu features unique selections such as Lobster and Lamb Carpaccio, Iberico Belotta Ham and Moroccan Veal.

Gourmands can satisfy their desires at Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s famed restaurant, Nobu, entering through a glowing green archway. The restaurant's perennial popularity and devoted following are a tribute to the Chef putting his own spin on traditional Japanese fare. A large bar and entryway provide seating for dinner guests as well as those simply looking to relax with a glass of wine or cocktail. In addition to two small-scale dining areas on either side of the main dining space, the hidden “jewel” of Nobu is the sake cellar.

Grand Tribute to Cosmopolitanism

The Bahamas’ luxury hotels are a grand tribute to its colonial past and represent the finest in hospitality that the islands have to offer. Under the cerulean blue of an endless Bahamian sky, wrapped in the turquoise waters of an exuberant sea, One&Only Ocean Club nestles peacefully along a shore of delicate white sand, a treasured sanctuary of privileged perfection. Renowned for its legendary sophistication and contemporary elegance, One&Only Ocean Club was once a private estate. Today, the alluring beachfront of this luxury Bahamas resort reflects the glamorous ambience and posh exclusivity of a grand colonial manor, welcoming generations of the world's travelling elite. Reflecting the refined qualities of an elegant home, all 105 Bahamas luxury guestrooms, suites, and villas at One&Only Ocean Club exude a warm and inviting ambience with modern conveniences.

The Cove, Eleuthera is a Bahamian island legend and has been reborn with more style, more luxury and fewer cares in the world. 
An intimate destination on the Caribbean's most beautiful pink sand beach, all the villas, guest rooms and suites have been renovated to blend urban chic with island charm. Eleuthera Bahamas lies 50 miles east of Nassau and is 110 miles long and nearly a mile wide. Eleuthera was the first permanent settlement in the Bahamas. Even though its first settlers came to the island over 300 years ago, Eleuthera remains an undiscovered paradise.

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