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Bespoke Fleet of Automobiles

At GC Privé, we focus on providing impartial and factual intelligence on the acquisition, disposal and management of heritage vehicles and limited-edition supercars.

As an independent private office, we provide honest and transparent advice backed up by rigorous and sound market analysis. Our clients commemorate us on our integrity, trust and total discretion in dealing with their automobile fleet affairs.

We guide our clients through the complex acquisition and management process of automobiles and are directly involved at all stages of the transaction cycle.

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Heritage Vehicle

Owning a heritage vehicle can prove a valuable investment as well as providing a distinctive style to your collection. We are an indispensable source by your side for intelligent market research. Through our exclusive network of heritage vehicle partners and suppliers we can identify off-market opportunities and capture favourable market prospects.

Furthermore, we can assist in purchasing your heritage vehicle by following through the transaction from start to finish. Our valuation experts ensure that your fleet of heritage vehicles is at the optimum level of collectible value and prestige.

We can assist sourcing genuine replacement parts and prepare your vehicles for achieving their full potential through highly sought-after global auctions.

Limited-Edition Supercar

GC Privé can source your desired limited-edition supercar, through our esteemed network of exclusive dealers and manufacturers.

Through our private buy and sell networks as well as our esteemed industry contacts we present to our clients direct off-market opportunities of rare exotic and sport vehicles.

Our commitment is that throughout the purchase process we will represent you with transparency, honesty and integrity while respecting your privacy and bespoke requirements.

Lastly we can assist in transporting and managing your limited-edition supercar fleet in a safe and hassle-free manner, professionally delivered to your doorstep by experienced shipping transporters.

Fleet Management

Operating both a heritage vehicle and limited-edition supercar fleet can be very demanding. We can ensure that your investment is in safe hands by connecting you to one of our highly accredited car fleet management partners throughout the world. You can expect to receive a competitively priced, world-class service, state of the art reporting with safety and compliance in mind.

Restoration: GC Privé works closely with the finest specialists globally to provide a comprehensive restoration service for all makes of classic, heritage and vintage cars. Through our private network we can provide valuable bespoke advice and recommend the appropriate route for increasing the value of your heritage vehicle. Our commitment is that throughout the restoration process we will represent you with transparency, honesty and integrity while respecting your privacy and bespoke requirements.

Customisation: Our network of specialist car tuners, manufacturers and interior designers can redefine any kind of limited-edition supercar to match your personal identity and custom requirements. Whether you are looking for a complete transformation of your vehicle, body customisations, personalised number plates or simply fine tuning performance, our Autos team and our highly sought-after GC Privé Blackbook ™ can provide all the details you will need for making informed decisions.