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Porsche New Models

Porsche, Cayman S, Distinct Sporty Character

The design of the Cayman models is befitting of their distinctive, sporty character. Their performance potential is obvious at first sight, for these are true specimens of force and athleticism. Individual styling features help...

Porsche Cayman R, More Dynamics. More Agility.

How exactly do you refine an existing sportscar concept? Do you add one thing after another, piling more on top, and packing more in? Many would think so, but we don’t. The result is the new Cayman R. Minimise to maximise was...

Porsche Cayman, No Middle Roads. No Compromises.

Precisely one attitude is the driving force behind the Cayman: the absolute conviction to remain true to oneself. No middle roads. No compromises. No nonsense. One of the features that exemplifies this attitude is the mid-engin...