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Audi’s history dates back over a century, founded in 1899 under the name of Horch & Cie. Due to certain disagreements on how to run the company Mr Horch left the company and founded a new brand which he named after himself, but as his surname was already in use he settled for the Latin translation of his surname, Audi.

The brand has seen many mergers and developments in different directions but in 1965 the Audi brand was properly established. Audi is one of the leading German luxury car makers and is a part of the “Big Three” together with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The Audi range is similar to its competitors’s and features everything from the low powered A1-range to the high powered RS-models and the R8-range.

Today the company is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, producing high class cars to meet every need on the market.


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Rupert Stadler Member of Management Board and Chairman of Management Board
Axel Strotbek Board Member for Finance and Organization
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Wolfgang Dürheimer Board Member for Technical Development
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