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Aston Martin’s V12 Zagato


Aston Martin and Zagato’s 50 year partnership has previously resulted in the birth of classic cars such as the DB4GT Zagato and the DB7 Zagato. Now, they unveil the V12 Zagato.

This endurance racing concept car boasts a 6.0 L V12 engine, hand stitched quilting on each seat and a clothing of hand-rolled aluminium and carbon fibre. Each car takes a painstaking 2,000 hours to build – probably a reason why only 150 models will be created. It truly is a car for the most luxurious drivers.

The Zagato will go on sale in the final quarter of 2012 and will cost around £405,000 with tax. That’s around three times the amount of the V12 Vantage – which the Zagato is based on. It is definitely a lot more eye-catching than the Vantage, with the front splitter, back spoiler and the rear diffuser setting it apart from its predecessors.

The cars are in production and will be available in four colours – Diavolo Red, Alloro Green, Scintilla Silver and Alba Blue). Customers are already racing to get their hands on one, with it being rumoured that a third have already been sold.

from GBP 396,000
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