Our Offering

At GC Privé we specialise in sourcing significant art pieces, as well as, providing bespoke art market reports for our discerning clientele.As an independent private office, we materialise private and off-market deals whilst always aligning our interests with those of our clients.

Through our accredited network we are able to connect our clients with restricted and priceless opportunities. Our intelligent services also include negotiation and auction bidding, research and authentication as well as administration of sales and purchases.

Our Solutions

Fine art provides an opportunity for portfolio diversification into an area that has historically provided high returns and shown a low correlation to other asset classes.GC Privé offers a bespoke brokerage service, based on our client’s interests and goals. Our fine art specialists can provide confidential consultations as well as impartial advice on trends, value and quality of fine art.

A range of auxiliary services include:

- Global sourcing and art market reports
– Private and off-market deals
– Negotiation and auction bidding
– Research and authentication
– Administration of sales and purchases

Art funds are privately offered investment funds dedicated to the generation of returns through the acquisition and disposition of works of art. GC Privé works together with the world’s most reputable art funds in order to provide unique and bespoke investment opportunities for our private clients.

By capitalising on art market expertise, art funds can build long-term capital growth for investors and provide diversification to a client’s investment portfolio.

By capitalising on our leading industry contracts, GC Privé can provide exclusive access to off-market real estate worldwide specifically for the purposes of displaying significant fine art collections.From iconic converted churches to breath-taking high ceiling castles we can offer bespoke recommendations to our esteemed clients on a global scale. Through our intelligent market research you can be reassured of unique and distinctive property that is a fine work of art itself.

Storage & Transportation: GC Privé works closely with the leading global industry experts in fine art collection management specialising in moving art across borders. Our fine art specialists have been consistently handling some of the most valuable art collections with bespoke solutions offered in terms of transportation, packing environment, logistics and storage.Key geographical areas covered include Luxembourg, Basle, London and New York.

Rentals & Display: GC Privé provides discreet access to some of the most significant private art collections on a global scale through vital personal introductions and recommendations. Working closely with our network of fine art specialists and advisors we have been able to secure extremely rare works of art for limited rental periods.

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