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Aragawa, Tokyo


Since its establishment in 1967, Aragawa has served cuisine rich in the bounties of nature, from its signature dish, the carefully selected and charcoal-broiled Sanda Beefsteak, to the single whole salmon the restaurant smokes fresh every week.

Renowned for serving exquisite Kobe beef, the restaurant frequently plays host to an illustrious troupe of cliental who come to enjoy the culinary delights, as well as the intimate, exclusive surroundings of the dining room.

Literally meaning the hide of an animal, Aragawa is the Japanese translation of the title of a novel by the famous French writer Honoré de Balzac, Le Peau de Chagrin (The Wild Ass’s Skin).


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Providing two menus, the Sandra Beefsteak, and the A La Carte, which features Smoked Salmon, Shrimp Cocktail, and Hairy Crab Salad, guests can expect to sample beautifully cooked traditional cuisine, seasonally relevant to the time of their visit.

With seating for up to 22, the dining room is decorated with traditional Nishijin silk tapestries, and cherry-wood tables and chairs. Swedish chandeliers hang from the ceiling and provide a classic atmosphere, inviting guests to dine in timeless comfort. For the exclusively wealthy, private dining facilities are also available for reservation.

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