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Another London: International Photographer’s Capture City Life 1930 – 1980, An Insightful Exhibition At The Tate Britain

This explorative and insightful new exhibition at the Tate Britain looks at the capital city through the eyes of some of the most famous international photographers. This intriguing exhibition brings together 180 classic photographs from the 50 year period, showing off the vibrancy and diversity of the city as seen by a variety of photographers from an array of backgrounds.

Between 1930 and 1980, some of the best photographers came from all over the world to capture London and its communities. For these world class photographers, London was a foreign city, which they either visited briefly or ended up settling in permanently. Each photographer recorded London in a unique and personal way, whether choosing to capture quintessential London emblems such as bowler hats and red busses or capturing more heart-felt, gripping images of the London poor.

The array of images invited the viewers to see London from an abundance of angles, emotions and purposes allowing viewers to question their own perspective of London and even opening up the way in which they see London and what they see in London in the future. The exhibition features images from renowned photographers such as Bill Brandt, Dora Maar and Irving Penn to name just a few.

Another London opened on the 27th July and will run until the 16th September 2012.

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