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Amoritz GT DoniRosset, Brazil’s First Supercar


This luxurious new car is Brazil’s first super car and has been produced by William Denis Rosset as a gift for his father Donino “Doni” Rosset. The innovate design of this super car can reach a staggering 1007 hp and boasts an impressive 8.4 litre V10 with turbochargers that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Reminiscent of the MacLaren F1, DoniRosset will encompass a central driving position with two rear passenger seats, epitomizing racing luxury. The car offers all of the super car features both inside and out, including LED daytime running lights, a five – exhaust setup and even an engine viewing area to name but a few.

This futuristic design with a perfectly streamlined exterior and high-end interior has resulted in a supercar that not only looks glamorous but performs like a dream.

To complete the design, the logo of this new super car is Doni’s signature finished in 24 carat gold and adorned with two beautiful emeralds to add a touch of glamour to its strong persona. This is a must have car, however with just 50 units and retailing at $2 million each, Brazil’s new supercar will not be around for long!

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