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Aircraft Bluebook Marketline Vol 27 No 3 Fall 2014

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Posted September 28, 2014 by GC Privé Web Admin in Insights

It has been a predictable 2nd quarter in the business aviation marketplace.

For the most part, values have sustained little or no depreciation as observed from sales data. The good news is transactions continue at an active pace in the aircraft marketplace.

In this issue, Dennis Rousseau of AircraftPost continues his analytics for values on business jets, mentioning some tremendous buying opportunities. Read on to follow his analogies. And, from the maintenance exposure perspective, Tony Kioussis, Asset Insight, furthers his discussion on values as it relates to the maintenance condition. From his perspective, a detailed market overview pertaining to maintenance exposure is worth the read.

In addition, the updated graphs and charts Marketline provided based on market activity powered by values reported in Aircraft Bluebook have been updated. So, if you want to see how business aircraft sales are holding in relationship to national and global events, please take a look
at these charts.

Carl Janssens, ASA
Chief Appraiser
Aircraft Bluebook

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