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AirClub Jet Alliance


AirClub was founded in Geneva on October 30th, 2012. It is the leading corporate jet alliance and has made it its mission to be a pioneer in business aviation, executing leadership by using agreed values, principals and processes, thereby setting new industry standards that others seek to imitate.

All AirClub members operate to the highest standards in the aviation industry, ensuring the safety of employees, customers and suppliers.

AirClub currently has nine members: ACM AIR CHARTER, Air Alsie, AIR HAMBURG, Corporatejets, FLYINGGROUP, GlobeAir, London Executive Aviation, Masterjet and PrivatAir.

Head Office
AirClub Jet Alliance

Geneva, Switzerland


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Mr. Christian Hatje Chairman PrivatAir
Mr. Mauro de Rosa Deputy Chairman GlobeAir
Mr. Jurgen van Campenhout Board Member FLYINGGROUP
Mr. Philip Queffelec Board Member Masterjet
Mr. Tom Carstensen Board Member Air Alsie
Mr. Alfred Bijl Board Member Corporatejets
Mr. Floris Helmers Board Member AIR HAMBURG
Mr. Jonas Kraft Board Member ACM AIR CHARTER
Mr. Patrick J.G. Margetson-Rushmore Board Member London Executive Aviation
Number of employees 1.202
Number of aircraft (in operation) 127
Total flight hours per year 70.796
Total number of hotel rooms booked per year 36.315
Total number of handlings in 2012 29.527
Total number of pax flown in 2012 406.415
Total fuel usage per year (in gallons) 16.916.980