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Aer Lounge, Mumbai


Aer Lounge, resides on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, where its aerial views of the Mumbai metropolis truly take your breath away, and give reason for its name.

Aer is Mumbai’s highest rooftop bar, where the ceiling is infinite and and the spotlights are the stars. The fluid nature of the architectural decor creates a relaxing setting that melts into the stunning scene that surrounds it. The understated elegance of Aer is a luxurious retreat from the bustling streets of Worli below.

Aer Lounge

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The impressive city and ocean views can be enjoyed whilst drinking a bespoke cocktail or feasting on any of the international mezze and tapas dishes that Aer prides itself on, including, goat cheese and pistachio truffles, whiskey-smoked salmon and ginger prawn dumplings with soup, and a decadent chocolate dessert variation. The sunset over Mumbai also provides the perfect backdrop for Aer’s Happy Hour; the paradoxical relationship between the panoramic views and the intimate atmosphere, enable all clientele to experience the extraordinary.

The feeling of being on top of the world is complimented by the energetic beats of DJ Fatbat. His eclectic mix of jazz, funk, house and electro forms the ideal soundtrack to accompany any special occasion or corporate event that visits Aer Lounge, Mumbai.

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