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Acaro Martini Jacuzzi 24 Carat Gold

Talk about bathing in luxury, well you can’t get any closer than the new Acaro Martini Jacuzzi.  This beautiful jacuzzi will have anyone braving the cold winter weather to lay back and relax in this elite luxury hot tub.

This is lavishness at it’s finest, designed for the most classy, decadent individual this jacuzzi is decked out with the most beautiful bathroom furnishings. Swarovski studded fixtures, gold plated accessories and diamond faucets.

Produced by Italian designers and artist Giacomo Arcaro and Roberto Martini, fittingly naming the jacuzzi after themselves they have created the first spa to be made out of 24 carat gold. Incredibly pleasing to the eye and for the body no doubt.

If thats not enough it is custom fitted with an audio system with subwoofers, massage and aromatherapy and power for your iphone and lighting, all great for getting the party started.


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