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A stimulating gift with muscle


Christmas is the key present-giving time of the year, and it has been revealed that more than 60% of shoppers opt for vouchers as the perfect gift. Yet, whilst pampering treatments such as spa vouchers may seem like a luxury present, not everyone has the time to use them, with more than a quarter of gift vouchers going to waste.

Slendertone — the experts in muscle toning — offers a range of gifts which are far more likely to be used. With sleek, award-winning designs and clinically proven results, Slendertone toning products allow your friends and family the chance to treat themselves to a body or facial workout with minimal effort at home.

Slendertone’s range of premium products tone the face and body areas of most concern from ‘the inside out,’ thanks to its clinically-proven, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology. Area-specific devices are worn on the abs, arms, bottom, or face and target all muscles — not just those directly under electronic pads — by stimulating the nerves supplying each muscle group. With regular use, the devices help tone and strengthen deep into the core.

Doctor Emer MacSweeney, Neuro Radiologist and Founder of Re:Cognition Health and an expert in cognitive health, explains how Slendertone’s EMS technology works:

“When the brain is not actively stimulating the muscles, the electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology is an alternative to artificially deliver signals to the nerve endings and replicates the same effects of stimulation with strong muscle contractions. The principle is very simple but incredibly effective, and it is reassuring to know that the technology has been well established in clinical research and can make an important contribution to a core strengthening programme.”


Slendertone Face, fronted by celebrity beauty therapist Nichola Joss, restores the youthful appearance of the face by toning and lifting the muscles naturally. The product is placed on the sides of the face like a headset and uses the EMS technology to gently stimulate the muscles by activating the main nerve which runs from the corner of the mouth to the ear, which communicates with all the facial muscle groups. In doing this, the product helps restore the original toned shape of the face, and tightens overlying skin.



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