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A guide to the best cigar stores in Central London, by GC Privé Concierge

Rudyard Kipling said ‘A woman is only a woman, but good cigar is a smoke’. Once only available to members of the monarchy and the rich and wealthy, cigars can now be bought in various places all around the world, at different price ranges.

They have almost been symbolized as the male rite of passage for years. A hint of nostalgia is always present whenever a man takes his first tug of the evening at his finely wrapped Cuban reminiscent of the aroma which wafted from his father’s study.  We at GC Privé rounded up the best cigar stores in Central London which deserved a highlight.

Location: Situated at 106 Mount Street in Greater London

Sautter recently celebrated their 50th year in the cigar business showing that their consistency proves they are one of the best cigar stores in Central London. Their brands range from their very own make along to ‘Cohiba’ which are marketed worldwide and are very popular with those who like cigar brands with a luxurious image.

Location: 35 St. James Street, St James London

Davidoff London probably has one of the largest selections of great cigars each presented in its own humidor. (Box where cigars are stored) They hold irresistible names such as Hoyo de Monterrey veteran smokers describe it as ‘a delicate yet aromatic Habano, light with great elegance and complexity. If you wish to browse at Davidoff ensure you get there early so you can converse with the staff and get a better look of what cigar resembles you.

Location: 63 Elizabeth Street Belgravia London

Tomtom cigars is a very unique store along with selling cigars they also have some of the finest ranges of coffee and tea leaves shipped from all over the world. One of the stores main focus is the aromatic experience customers get when they walk in and are left with a lasting impression once they step out. The store has a very sleek contemporary feel about it unlike the others. It emphasizes the importance of the new generation taking an interest in cigars so that the tradition is kept on.

Location: Harrods Ltd, 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London

Without a doubt Harrods is one of the capitals most superlative stores so it’s no surprise that they have their own cigar room run by JJ Fox. With names such as Harrods and JJ Fox merging together there is a certain level of class instilled on it. Paul Bielby who has been part of the retail management with JJ Fox noted that ‘we try to offer as comprehensive a selection as possible with gift boxes, vintage cigars and other items you would not find anywhere else. The cigar room in Harrods is by far one the best cigar stores in Central London the sheer exclusivity of some of the items held there draws buyers from all over the world to it.


So there you have it, some of the best cigar stores to be found in Central London; in the words of Edward VII “Gentlemen, you may smoke”.


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