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297th RBA Exhibition, 5-15 March 2014


This March, the Royal Society of British Artists is organizing a grand 10-days exhibition, showcasing the works of most prominent figures on the current art scene.

Royal Society of British Artists is renowned for exquisite quality of the works. Its annual event exhibits crème de la crème of the British art scene, ranging from sculpture to photography, from traditional oil painting to printmaking. Exhibition includes creations both of society’s members and featured works collected through open submission.

The history of Society began in the early 19th century, and it was granted its Royal status on the Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Year of 1887. It counted Monet and Alfred Stevens among its honorary members, and attracted attention of beau monde and aristocracy.

Strong traditions and deep heritage don’t prevent the Society from looking into the future. For instance, this exhibition will showcase most outstanding works of A-level students from around the country along with the masterpieces of acknowledged artists. Also, RBA hosts a range of awards for young creative minds, including Rome Scholarship – a fully funded opportunity to spend one month at the British School in Rome in July of each year.

5-15 Mar 2014

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