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111 Skin: The ultimate skincare collection






111 Skin


111 Harley Street, Mayfair, London

0207 467 5847

Brand Profile

111 SKIN is a new generation of anti-ageing skincare. As a cosmetic surgeon with more than 20 years experience specialising in craniofacial surgery and facial rejuvenation, Dr. Y. Alexandrides founded and developed a range of skincare products alongside Russian space scientists, that promotes youthful, radiant appearance, and protects against environmental damage.

The 111 Skin range consists of eight skincare products, all containing the patented formula NAC Y². NAC Y² combines NAC, Vitamin C and Escin which together increase Glutathione -the most vital antioxidant in our cells that is responsible for protecting the skin from environmental extremes such as pollution and UV radiation – NAC and Vitamin C are essential for stimulating Glutathione which decreases during the bodies ageing process.

Escin is a potent antioxidant which increases blood circulation, promoting stronger collagen production and helps transport NAC and Vitamin C directly to the cells. Together, these ingredients detoxify, hydrate and regenerate skin cells, working from within to strengthen the skin and fight damage.

The 111 SKIN range is available at Harrods Gentlemen’s Lounge, Harrods Beauty Apothecary and online at both Harrods and 111 Skin online stores.

Product Range

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