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111 Skin: Lift Off 111 NAC Y2, Facewash Essential Cleanser

Lift Off 111 NAC Y2

Facewash Essential Cleanser contains the patent pending NAC Y2 formula with Rosemary and Copper Chlorophyll to cleanse skin, fight free radicals and remove dead cells that clog skin. It also acts as a mild antibacterial. Clean skin is the important start to achieving youthful looking and radiant skin.

Key Benefits

Immediate action: Leaves skin clean and feeling hydrated, providing the perfect base to absorb the active ingredients in the 111 SKIN collection.

Evident action: Restore’s skin’s pH levels and eliminates impurities and build-up from rinsing with water.

Lasting action: Improves circulation in the skin for a radiant and healthy glow, and fights free radical damage from the environment.

About 111 Skin

The 111 Skin range is available at Harrods Gentlemen’s Lounge, Harrods Beauty Apothecary and Harrods Online Shop. The 111 Skin range was developed by Harley Street surgeon Dr Y. Alexandrides and space scientists.

Purchase Information:

Lift Off 111 NAC Y2, Facewash Essential Cleanser 130ml: £35
Parafin, Paraben and Sulfate free.



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