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111 Skin: Ground Control NAC Y2, Anti Acne Tonic

Ground Control NAC Y2:

Ground Control Anti Acne Tonic contains the unique NAC Y2 formula with Saw Palmetto and Benzyl Alcohol to deeply cleanse skin prone to breakout, spots and acne. NAC Y2 and Saw Palmetto neutralise stress induced free radicals, minimise excess oils and work as an antiseptic, leaving you with clearer and healthier looking skin. Benzyl Alcohol has a powerful antibacterial effect, which reduces inflammatory processes and stimulates skin renewal.

Key Benefits:

Immediate action: Reduces excess oils and kills the bacteria that causes acne.

Evident action: Salicylic acid helps clear and prevent the development of new acne blemishes.

Lasting action: Sal palmetto inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT, thus reducing the amount of sebum produced and helping to reduce the amount of acne.

Rosemary protect skin cells from free radical damage and also provides a unique mechanism of protection for a vital protein in the skin that functions by reducing damage cause by stress, free radicals and toxins.

Anti-aging ingredients contribute to collagen synthesis, which helps combat the visible signs of aging.

About 111 Skin:

The 111 Skin range is available at Harrods Gentlemen’s Lounge, Harrods Beauty Apothecary and Harrods Online Shop. The 111 Skin range was developed by Harley Street surgeon Dr Y. Alexandrides and space scientists.

Purchase Information:

Ground Control NAC Y2, Anti Acne Tonic 130ML: £40.
Parafin, Paraben and Sulfate free.



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