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111 Skin: Astro Aqua Physics NAC Y2, Day Moisture

Astro Aqua Physics NAC Y2:

As the main barrier of the body against the environment, the skin is a dynamic, intricately organised system, whose cells reproduce constantly. The external layer of the skin protects and regulates the hydration level and thus determines the qualities and beauty of the skin. Day Moisture H20 cream contains the patent pending NAC Y2 formula with Carbohydrates and Ions to retain moisture in the critical surface layer of the skin. The formula also helps the reproduction and regeneration of the skin. When used daily, the result is perfectly balanced hydration with a brightening and radiance effect.

Key Benefits:

Instant action: Carbohydrate and Ion formula moderates the evaporation of moisture from the skin’s inner structure.

Lasting action: NAC Y2 increases cellular turnover and helps regenerate new cells, helping to lift and firm skin.

Evident action: Stimulates the skin’s own ability to retain moisture, not only on the surface, but throughout the layers of the skin.

Mineral UV-A and UV-B filter with Vitamin E protects skin from extreme environmental conditions.

About 111 Skin:

The 111 Skin range is available at Harrods Gentlemen’s Lounge, Harrods Beauty Apothecary and Harrods Online Shop. The 111 Skin range was developed by Harley Street surgeon Dr Y. Alexandrides and space scientists.

Purchase Information:

Astro Aqua Physics NAC Y2, Day Moisture H2O Infusion System 50ml: £90
Parafin, Paraben and Sulfate free



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