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$11 million Diamond Laptop Sleeve

With accessories for technology often surpassing the price of the technology itself, it is somehow not surprising that companies are often trying to out do each other. Introducing the world’s most expensive laptop sleeve, costing a cool $11 million.

Designed and made by Dutch brand CoverBee, the sleeve will essentially cost multiple times any laptop it will protect however is a milestone in terms of luxury and opulence. Featuring over 8,800 round cut diamonds, the sleeve is accented by a rare black sable fur trim.

With such an expensive price tag, the sleeve will surely only attract limited interest however, Peter van Soldt, CEO of CoverBee, states: “We are a little crazy here, but only thanks to this attitude we can design brilliant products.” And who will order an item like the Diamond Sleeve? History has proven that the more extravagant and crazy the product is, the more likely it is that there will be someone out there who appreciates it and will want to buy it. Besides… accessories have always been popular across all cultures and ages, and so has fine jewellery. This makes our new Diamond Laptop Sleeve design a must-have for collectors!



With such confidence behind such an extravagant product, only time will tell as to whether or not the CoverBee Diamond laptop sleeve is a hit or just the result of one very optimistic idea.


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